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🚀 New Search Feature Inside ICP Suggestions

🎉 Create A New Search From Within ICP Suggestions!

You can now select and search for the titles or business types presented in the ICP Suggestions without having to copy/paste the search into a List or new Lead Search. 

🤔 Reasons for the update

✅ Elimates the need to take the additional steps of navigating to a New Search or List and copying/pasting the suggestion.
✅ Provides you with suggestions you can take action on with the click of a button.

🧐 How does this work?

Simply click 'Search' next to the title or industry name. The search type will automatically be selected, and the data will be inserted in the 'Business Type' [Company Search] or 'Description' box [People Search].

Click 'Search' to select an item and add to a new search

Automatically fills the box with the suggestion

Once a search is completed, a green check mark appears next to the suggestion.

The green check mark confirms you have done the search

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23 days ago

🚀 People Search Enrichment Now Available In Company Search!📍

🤩 Enrich Data For Company Contacts Now Live!

We're thrilled to announce an update to the Company Search that allows you to enrich the data of company contacts from within the search. 

🤔 Reasons for this update

✅ Simplify the prospecting steps so you no longer have to copy/paste contact data into the People Search to enrich it.
✅ Provide you with an option to find additional contact data and contacts for a company within the same search. 
✅ Give you the ability to select how many employee contacts you'd like to enrich to search for more data.

🧐 How does this work?

Select the company or companies you would like to enrich and then click 'Enrich.'

Select the company or companies you would like to Enrich

Next, tell the system how many employees you would like to have their contact data enriched.

*Please note that this new feature is 2 credits per employee.
Enter the number of employees you would like to Enrich

🎉 Additional Features To Update Your Subscribers With

This update provides another opportunity to reach out to your clients and let them know your 'dev team' has been working hard to simplify the search process and provide more data in the Company Search. 

🎉 Exciting Update: Introducing Chat Support For Your White Label Software! 🚀

Chat Support For Your White Label Software

Hey there, White Label Suite partners! We've got some exciting news to share with you. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we're constantly looking for ways to enhance your experience with our product. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature: the ability to add a chat widget or chatbot to your white-label software!
An example of chat widget insite White Label Suite

🧐 Why was this feature developed?

We understand the importance of real-time assistance when your subscribers need help or guidance. 

🙋‍♂️How can you add your chat widget or chatbot?

With this new feature, you can now add your chat widget or chatbot script in your 'Business Account' settings, click 'Save Changes,' and voila, your subscribers can chat with you or your team. 

We're thrilled to release this feature and excited to see how you support your subscribers with it!

Introducing the "AI Assistant Refresh Button" Feature!

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancement to the White Label Suite – the all-new AI Assistant Refresh Button! This feature puts power in your hands, allowing you to refresh AI-generated company summaries, intros, and subject lines with a simple click.
With the AI Assistant Refresh Button, you can now fine-tune your content on the go, ensuring that your messaging always stays fresh and engaging. Say goodbye to static content and hello to dynamic updates that resonate with your audience.
Whether crafting compelling company summaries, captivating intros, or attention-grabbing subject lines, the AI Assistant Refresh Button empowers you to stay ahead in the content game. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we elevate your user experience at White Label Suite!
Experience the convenience and flexibility of the AI Assistant Refresh Button today. Log in to your account and discover how easy it is to revitalize your content with just a click. Let your creativity flow, and watch your content shine brighter than ever before!

🚀 Exciting Update: Customize Your Whitelabeled Login Page Now Available! 🎨

Exciting news, White Label Suite users! We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our platform - the ability to customize your white-labeled login page. Say goodbye to the days of settling for a generic login portal. Now, you can make it your own by adding your unique touch to the login experience.
With this new feature, you can create a personalized landing page that reflects your brand identity. Put your creativity to work and design a login page that resonates with your brand personality. Your users will now be greeted with a welcoming and cohesive login experience that aligns perfectly with your brand.
The possibilities are endless, whether you want to showcase your logo, brand colors, or a custom message. Make a lasting impression when users log in to your white-labeled software. This update is all about empowering you to make your software truly yours, inside and out.

🚀 New Feature Update: Code Integration for Chatbot Support!

At White Label Suite, we're all about empowering our users to customize their apps effortlessly. That's why we're thrilled to announce that you can now add your own code to the app!
With this latest update, you have the freedom to integrate your chatbot for seamless customer support directly within your app. No more back-and-forth emails or navigating through multiple platforms. Simply add your code and let your chatbot handle customer queries efficiently.
We believe that giving you the ability to add code to your app opens up a world of possibilities for customization and user engagement. Whether you're looking to streamline your support process or enhance user interactions, this feature puts the power in your hands to create a tailored experience that reflects your unique brand identity.
New Improved
3 months ago

Introducing New Features Popup and Label!

We're excited to introduce a handy new feature that will keep you in the loop with all the latest updates on White Label Suite! Say hello to the "New Features Popup And/Or Label." 🌟
When you log in, you'll be greeted by a friendly popup or a conspicuous 'New' label highlighting any fresh features or updates waiting for you. Stay in the know with just a glance!
But that's not all – we've added a nifty checkbox in the popup so you can dismiss the notification next time, giving you complete control over your experience. We believe in keeping things simple and user-friendly, just like you deserve.
With the new 'New Features Popup And/Or Label,' you'll never miss a beat regarding exciting developments in White Label Suite. Keep an eye out for the latest enhancements and features right at your fingertips. 

Happy exploring! 🚀

🚀 Lead Generation Software Help Center

🎉 Exciting News! 📣

We've created a new Help Center you can use for your clients and customers!

What does this mean? 

You can now share this or add it as a custom menu link in your white-label version of White Label Suite. To share the Lead Generation Software Help Center, share the link below or create a redirect using your domain.

Lead Generation Software Help Center.png 177.54 KB


Can you white-label it and add your branding? No, at this time, it is not available to white-label it.

Are there different languages available? No, not at this time. However, this is in development!
Can you customize the articles? No, not at this time. If you have suggestions for the articles, please submit them to
New Improved
4 months ago

🎉 Introducing: Dynamic Packages For All Partners 🎉

Introducing Dynamic Packages For All!

We're thrilled to announce that our latest feature, Dynamic Packages For All Partners, is live and ready to elevate your partnership with us!

Functionality: With this exciting new feature update, you have the power to create custom packages tailored to your client's needs. Whether you want to offer a unique amount of credits or entice new users with a free trial, the choice is yours! Craft the perfect package and watch your sales soar.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 2.55.50 PM.png 230.37 KB

💡 Value: This isn't just for a select few - every single partner can take advantage of Dynamic Packages without needing to subscribe to a specific plan. It's all about giving you the flexibility and tools to succeed, and we're making it easier than ever.

Also, you no longer have to pay per license whenever you sell a package! 

🔍 Limitations: We believe in fair pricing, so you'll only be charged for credits when someone subscribing to your packages uses their credits. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges – just straightforward, partner-friendly pricing.

You can learn more about our pricing and how this works for your current plan by checking out the latest release notes that reveal another incredible update for White Label Suite: the new Wallet feature!

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 2.57.29 PM.png 234.5 KB

🚀 Get ready to customize, engage, and grow with Dynamic Packages For All Partners. Create your first package today and discover the endless possibilities at your fingertips!

Why unlock this feature for every partner?

✅ Thanks to your feedback and after testing this feature to bring the best experience to everyone, we felt it was the best option for our partners to ensure everyone has access to the features that will help grow their business.

Watch our latest partner training below, where Walt reveals exactly what this means for everyone and how to use it.


What about the existing packages I have partners subscribed to for which I am charged a monthly licensing fee? Please reach out to to help resolve this.

Do the client’s credits roll over as well? Yes, if you want them to. Or you can select not to have their credits roll over. 

What is the difference between Packages and Dynamic Packages? The old way of creating packages for sale under the option "Packages" is what you may currently be used to. With Dynamic Packages, you can create custom packages without a monthly licensing fee. 

Is this setup on the dashboard? Yes, under the menu option "Dynamic Packages" 

How much are additional credits for purchase? They are only 12 cents/credit and can be purchased in any quantity, or you can choose to have your wallet top up your credits to a certain amount once your credits are below a certain amount. 

Is there a fee for licenses still? The only fee now is credits used. 

How long do I have to use my credits when they roll over? Credits expire after 12 months. 

Do additional seats created on a Dynamic Package get access to a plan using a different email? Yes
New Improved
5 months ago

Introducing Business Name Customization On The Login Screen! 🚀

We're thrilled to announce a new update to the Business Account settings in Comet Suite to enhance your white-label experience. Those subscribed to one of our white-label plans can now customize the business name on the login screen! 

What's New: 😎
  • Now, when entering your business name in the Business Account section, the "Lead Generation Software" default title will be changed to the info you have inputted in the Business Name box. 
Benefits: 🤩
  • Better representation of your brand on the login screen.
  • Enhanced customization features are now included in any of our white-label plans.
How to Use: 🚀
  • From the Dashboard, visit "Business Account."
  • Next, fill in the "Business Name" section.
  • Finally, save your changes and visit your white-label domain/URL to view your changes.

Comet Suite Business Name Update.png 268.83 KB

Enjoy a more tailored experience now included in your white-label plan with Comet Suite. 

Week ending 16th Dec 2023

from dashboard Implemented a functionality where if the OpenAI model is set to 3.5, the limit is automatically set to 0, this is for related accounts bulk actions
Added an option for the admin to input an invoice ID during user creation from wls dashboard
Leads: If a user has a parent business setting, the OpenAI key is now set from the parent.
Leads: Fixed issues in the People campaigns, resolving country, city, state 
Implemented a new database to store country ISO names for saving people's country information, this is again to reduce google places api cost.
Fixed looking for emails issues and modified the "send to CRM" message, 
Fixed reported issues - socials/analytics not being send to ghl, and related account can not use open ai.
Added option to set expiry days for users that created via webhook of wls dashboard
Improved single search - if you try a single search you will see - now we bring name, position, phone number of employees where possible, instead of only email as it was previously.
Implemented fixes in the server to reduce the waiting time for responses from provided websites, improving overall efficiency

Week Ending 9th Dec 2023

Implemented changes related with storing the OpenAI key model in the database
Made a research on the search auto-expand feature, exploring possibilities to implement it.
Resolved a bug related to saving API key models.
Fixed a bug related to single searches when the leads generated limit has expired.
Implemented a functionality to delete SMTP configurations from dashboard
Verified the uniqueness of emails using a dedicated endpoint.
Worked on modifications related to data tables, enhancing the overall usability and presentation of information.
Fixed Sent, Unsent, All filtering options for Industry, People and Single campaigns.
Fixed issue related to SMTP so that emails will be sent to corresponding SMTP configurations. 

Changed whitelabel support iframe link to a new one.

Made improvements and optimizations for internal systems to ensure its smooth functionality and optimal performance.
Made some enhancements to guarantee our infrastructure operates reliably at all times, with heightened speed to meet performance expectations.

Week ending Nov 18th 2023

Resolved the related account search limit update issue.
Resolved the issue where creating a related user was allowed after editing a dynamic package.
Implemented the capability to cancel a subscription for a dynamic package based on the plan rather than the user.
Made modifications to the columns of custom AI templates to enhance functionality.
Implemented a fix to ensure that the ""Add user"" button is now properly shown, addressing the bug in the Dashboard Edit Packages feature.
Resolved the issue to ensure that the Related Account creation limit now works as expected.
Adjusted the background image size to eliminate the error message.
Implemented a system to display informative error messages related to Google API Keys.
Worked on the functionality of adding plans to the Related Accounts so when an admin assigns a plan to a related user, the user now transitions to a common user with the assigned plan.
Entirely changed the logic for detecting OpenAI API keys.
Implemented a system to identify OpenAI API keys and handle associated functionalities.

Implemented infinite scroll in the plans dropdown options, allowing users to view all available plans.
Added an edit functionality for AI templates.
Made logic changes for AI templates, created a table for templates and template page.
Added functionality for changing the active template per campaign."
Finalized custom AI templates.
Reviewed the new design for CometSuite.
Fixed a bug associated with the position filter for single campaigns.
Changed the data structure for active AI templates.
Displayed a warning message when admin add plans to related accounts.
Logged out the user on an unauthenticated error.
Made some additional changes related with OpenAI API key detection, so that users will see corresponding error messages.

Optimized all queue jobs and added timeouts for requests.
Increased the queue times; if a job is not completed, it will not receive an automatic failed status.
Worked on customer relations with a specific plan, checked Stripe webhooks and events.
Made adjustments to the subscriptions table structure.
Modified the subscription and partner plans' relation structure and introduced new events to update subscription relations after creating a new subscription.

Refactored the industries filter, breaking down the code into smaller functions as needed.
Divided some code sections into functions, currently focusing on the custom filter part.
Optimized and refactored both People and Single Campaign filters, segmenting specific parts of the query into smaller functions where necessary.
Resolved a bug associated with the advanced filtering 'is not' filter option.
Fixed a 400 error occurring in the Industry Campaign when using the Position 'is empty' filter.

Changed website platform detector script, now instead of previous version that we were using browser in server to open website and use wappalyzer, using custom code to crawl content and detect from content, we will test this script next week, will confirm and move to live.

Week Ending Nov 11th 2023

Bug fix with limits resetting
Completed the task of sending AI generated text for people campaigns to CRM.
Fixed the related account creation limit issue so now it's functioning correctly.
Implemented additional credits functionality, now dashboard users can give additional limits to their child accounts (enterprise level)
Worked on the customization of the login page offering more personalized experience.
Started working on the creation functionality of custom AI templates.
Fixed the error relation with the editing functionality of AI texts in people campaigns.
Fixed the bug related with Industry search limit to count only companies with email addresses.
Additional minor bug fixes

Added people campaign AI texts to CSV export.
Fixed the bugs related with empty cells in CSV export.
Implemented login page customization, allowing account owners to add their own images for display on the login page for their related accounts.
Completed the login page customization feature,
Created a form for adding custom AI templates and enabling them for a specific campaign.
Worked on additional credits functionality, including the addition of required inputs for setting limits during creation and editing.
Completed the implementation of additional credit adding functionality.
Checked the issue related to displaying subscription plans.
Removed the functionality of adding additional requests when creating a user.
Added a text to display when additional requests are added by a parent account.
Added related accounts adding functionality when editing a subscription.
Worked on adding AI custom templates.

Week Ending Nov 4th 2023

Implemented the feature that allows the creation of related accounts in leads.
Integrated functionality enabling the automatic detection of content management systems (CMS) used on websites.
Optimized social search functionality to gather data from various social platforms based on the provided IDs in user requests.
Optimized bulk actions for managing AI-generated texts, allowing users to handle large volumes of text. Added a functionality to automatically check if an OpenAI API key is in trial mode or is paid, both upon saving and updating.
Implemented AI Intro and Subject Text Generation for People Results
Finished adding AI Intro and Subject texts for People Results.
Made changes in job handling logic, ensuring that all jobs are dispatched with result IDs from the request, which will reduce job overlap and improve overall system efficiency.
Completed changes related to jobs functionality.
Worked on bug fix for the industry counter.

Added corresponding icons for CMS system.
When creating plans in the admin section of leads or packages in the dynamic package section of the whitelabel platform, I've added new fields. These fields allow admins to specify the number of related accounts that users of a particular plan or package can have. 
Finalized related account creation in leads.
Added "Add User" button on the Leads>Profile>Related Accounts page. Clicking this button opens a form for creating related accounts.

Implemented AI Intro and Subject Text Generation for People Results with a possibility to edit the generated text as well as the question.
In the Integrations>OpenAI API tab, when a user adds or updates their OpenAI API key, I've added a corresponding message indicating whether the key is for a paid or trial account.

Week ending 28th October 2023

The editing functionality for dynamic package users has been implemented.
Various bug fixes
Conducted a research to find out the cause why bulk select for AI text wasn't functioning as expected.
Fixed some issues related with social filtering for people campaigns
Initiated the detection functionality to find out which platform the website is built on.
Completed the task of detecting all the platforms that the websites are built on.
Made some changes to the bulk selection functionality, enhancing the ability to manage large sets of data more conveniently.

Added editing functionality frontend in dashboard
Added custom inputs for free type in custom integrations
Added filters by number of business reviews.
Added page for leads users to add related accounts, (this is still in progress)

Week Ending Oct 21st 2023

The 2500 bonus has been completely removed from the system.
There was an issue with the maximum number of search results for a single query. Previously, users could fetch a maximum of 110 results. Now, users can fetch a higher maximum number of results from Google.
Emails are sent as separate objects with custom integrations. Each email contact is sent separately to the custom integration.
Added Google and OpenAI API keys validation in dashboard, when partners add for their related accounts.
Added Custom integration query parameter values.This includes the comparison of user's keys and our keys.
Displayed the number of reviews and star ratings for the business fetched from Google.
Added employee count data to the People search through web indexing.
Fixed the issue where email results of people results were not being sent to custom integrations.
Fixed the issue where results without a phone number were not sent to custom integrations.
Added a filtering option for reviews.
Updated the default intro text. To view the changes, users must click the 'Set Default' button to refresh the data.
Custom Integration history is now ordered from newest to oldest.
Added ""Other"" type of query parameter for creating and updating custom integrations.
Checked the issue related with bulk selection of AI text. The issue appears to be related to users not verifying if their key is on a trial plan. 
Added a subscription expiry date for dynamic package users from Dashboard.

The modal for the 2500 bonus has been removed.
The API toggle functionality has been separated into a separate box, and some text changes have been made.
The sign-up functionality is now displayed if the domain contains a domain.
Added business reviews to the Industry search.
Implemented a condition to hide API tabs if the user is using the key provided by the parent in leads.
Modified the query parameter values in custom integration.
Added employee count for people campaigns.
Implemented validation for custom integration fields and made some style changes.
Replaced the static keys with dynamic ones for custom integration API test requests.
Filtered the dropdown options for query parameters by removing the already selected one.
Added a new ""free"" type for custom integration query parameter values.
Implemented a filtering option for reviews.
Added a field and functionality in the dashboard, allowing parents to select the expiry date of child accounts.

Week Ending Oct 14th 2023

Data fixes
Resolved the issue related to reset date.
Added Google API key create date
Created a command and job for sending warning emails to users who have not added Google API keys
Completed the new custom integration API client
Concluded work on custom integration editing and updating
Resolved validation issues related to editing the name of the campaign 
Added functionality to control the visibility of Google and Open AI API keys in Business settings in dashboard, also implemented similar logic changes in the Leads section
Modified the system to prevent the unnecessary display of the 2500 bonus modal and the awarding of the 2500 bonus in cases where it is not needed (for free trial and for users with inactive subscriptions)
Began the research to determine the limitations on maximum 110 single searches in single search campaigns

Modified the "Custom Integrations" tab by creating a new page and form for creating custom integrations
Introduced fields for "Action Name," "Method (POST, GET), URL, Authorization (No Auth, API Key, Bearer Token, Basic Auth),Headers, and Query Parameters Inputs. Additionally, added a preview for query parameters
Added roadmap link on the dashboard
Added icons for Settings, Delete, and Edit on the campaign page, each with their respective functionalities
"Modified custom integrations table by adding columns for Method, Authorization, Headers, and Query Parameters
Updated the 'Access Tutorial' for the Google API
Implemented an Edit functionality for custom integrations.
Added toggle buttons and input options for Google and Open AI API keys within the Whitelabel Business settings. This allows partners to choose which key their related accounts will use for conducting searches. Depending on the selected option, the corresponding tab for the Google API key or Open AI API key will either be displayed or hidden"
Made specific code modifications related to the visibility of Open AI API and Google API keys in Leads

Introducing Site List Upload: Enhance your productivity with Comet Suite!

Hey there, Comet Suite users!
We've got some exciting news for you today! We've just rolled out a brand new feature that will make your life even easier: the ability to upload a list of sites to our platform.
Now, we know that manually inputting a long list of sites can be a tedious and time-consuming process. That's why we've listened to your feedback and implemented this feature to streamline your workflow. With just a few clicks, you can now upload a CSV or Excel file containing all the sites you want to track.
Imagine the time you'll save! Whether you're managing multiple projects or monitoring a large portfolio of websites, this feature will help you get organized in no time. Plus, it's super simple to use. Just start a new campaign and then click on the "PLUS" icon on the right , select your file, and voila! We'll take care of the rest.

Week Ending 7th Oct. 2023

Added webhook functionality to send leads from outside system
Added campaign source type to db (native, manual, webhook)
separated manual search address fields for saving industry location in correct format, campaign name validation changed,
bulk manual import headers checked and fixed (csv file must have all nessescary headers),
people send to 'CRM' with socials, label filter fix,
added sign up functionality with trial subscription
various bug fixes

added a tutorial doc for google api key
added an icon to display the source of the campaign results, whether they are manually added, bulk imported or a result of a native search
added a sample data box to display the example of the data format that should be sent
added inputs for country, state, city, street and postal code for URL manual entry

Weekending 30th Sept 2023

This week has been mainly back of house changes with smaller bug fixes. 

set the quantity of the symbols when searching for campaigns in leads
code optimization for validation forms
added code snippet for live support in admin dashboard

Week ending Sept 23rd

Fixes for manual entry and URL bulk import functionalities in Industry Campaigns
worked on adding partner's name/email on the plans table
fixed the issue related with leads reset functionality
made some fixes and changes related with URL manual entry and bulk import functionalities
made a fix in the URL manual entry and bulk import functionality, removed the url validation

added partner's name/email on the plans table
added the ability to select the reset date from the previous month
fixed the formatting issues on position columns
fixed the responsive issues on admin dashboard, ""Users"" and Industry results pages
fixed responsive issues related with andvanced filtering, status dropdown and custom integrations API history
fixed the spelling errors in leads and whitelabel
fixed notification issues related with bulk import

Week Ending Sat. Sept 16th

fixed the issue related with suspending account if payment fails
fixed bug related with Labels filter "is not"
fixed the bug when filtering more than 2 labels in People campaign
fixed server error when sending results to CRM
worked on manual entry for industry results
added manual entry for industry results, also a functionality to bulk import
fixed the bug related with sending to CRM Email not found results without phone number
fixed the issue related with label "is not" Unknown Results (Industry, People campaigns)
fixed the issue when filtering more than 2 labels in People campaign
fixed the issue with label ""is not"" advanced filter in Single campaigns
code optimization for URL manual entry and bulk import functionality

removed Search Type from Demo Industry Campaigns
fixed the issue related with undefined when exporting positions in CSV
fixed the order of New Search Groups
added URL bulk import functionality
added filter for plan type on Admin>Plans page
changed the keys for sending crm data
changed the validation when adding a URL

Week ending Saturday Sept 9th

added AI summary for people search
fixed the logo deletion issue on dashboard
updated the demo data searches for people campaigns
fixed bugs related with advanced filtering
fixed the issue related with campaigns dropdown
worked on bulk selection for generating AI summary for people campaigns
fixed the issue related with sending additional info (socials,analytics, ai texts) to CRM in case of more than 1 CRM account
added edit functionality for AI prompts
exported positions of Industry results to CRM, CSV, and API
added an option to change the headings colors
added a functionality to edit AI summary for people campaigns
added AI summary for people campaigns on the integration page
worked on the functionality so that users can create custom labels
fixed the bug related with ""is not"" filter for label filtering
worked on storing the logo in Cloud Storage bucket
created a command to take the empty ghl custom fields from ghl with a request

fixed the bug related with OpenAI API key
included position information on CSV export, also when sending the results to CRM and custom integrations
fixed the bug related with position ""is empty"" and ""is not empty"" filtering options"
added AI summary for people search
worked on bulk selection for generating AI summary for people campaigns"
added an editor to edit AI generated replies
fixed the issue of copying the key on Dynamic packages page
added an option to change the headings colors in whitelabel and leads
fixed the issue related with CRM name
added a validation for company size filtering
fixed the issue of left navigation colors after reload
added a functionality to edit AI texts both on campaigns and integration pages 
added a functionality so that users can create custom labels
added styler for the logo

Week Ending 2nd Sept

Admin user bug fix.
Set OpenAi Key to enable is paid/is trial
Changed user search usage
intro and subject export csv bug fix.
worked on adding labels to results
completed the functionality of labels
checked the email issue on dashboard, when the balance drops to 1000, 500, 100 and 0
added custom fields for analytics to be send to CRM, custom integrations and csv export
added new filtering option by company size, by position, by labels
changed the default prompt for the summary
updated Industry and people demo campaigns with recent changes such as social accounts, analytics and company size

added an icon to display the employee numbers
added social accounts for people campaign results
changed the Twitter icon with the new one
finished the payment functionality via Stripe in Dashboard
completed the required changes related with unlimited packages 
added labels to the results and emails,
bug fixes related with unlimited packages
made fixes related with the CRM name
added fields for analytics in custom integration api history and for csv export
added filtering options with position and company size for Industry and people campaign results
added advanced filtering option for people campaigns with social accounts and labels
worked on adding a search functionality for campaigns dropdown

Week Ending 26th August

changed people search query text
fixed export csv bug
get social accounts for People search
balance auto charge resolution
worked on the functionality of adding user's unused limits to next month
changed dynamic users and package creation logic (dashboard backend)

fixed the Intro generating button issue
fixed the issue related with exporting functionality, added a modal with the loader that displays how many results are being exported currently
"made some required interface changes for dynamic packages, changed the balance system to a limit system, added some inputs on plan creation page
fixed the ""back"" button functionality on the admin page so that goes back to one section only
"continued working on the required changes for unlimited packages
finished the frontend part of the AI generating functionality with bulk select

Resolved facebook auth application issue. 
Facebook page data asking for page oauth access token, new type of token for pages, integrating it,
fixed facebook page post comment saving to db
Started working on facebook page, group reply comment (sent request to facebook for needed permissions)
Completed linkedin employee count
Completed reputation facebook page comment+like,
CRUX analytics detection added.

Week Ending 19th August

Worked on the backend logic that user can edit our OpenAi questions
Added users reactivate functionality
checked the created child account if only the payment method is paykickstart.
sent to custom integration all the social profiles and AI texts
displayed the positions for the results of industry search
displayed dashboard parent user settings (logo, colors, etc) (Leads)
added a column (crm name) for leads child accounts ( dashboard  )
set max length rules for campaign and user business profiles
checked the error related with people ghl custom field
(Staging) bulk delete bug fix
fixed the bug in Industry country field (postal_code type field contains country) in google search response
generated Ai text job if openai key is paid
Tutorial additional files upload finished, front end file download
Made a research for an issue on searching stripe subscription (issue still isset on live)
Replace tutorial icon - filename, Hide Templates and download for user until templates are filled
Research reputation facebook accesses

worked on the AI text editing functionality
completed the frontend part of the manually account creations from  dashboard   subscription page,
worked on the frontend part of file download/upload functionality in ""Templates and Download"" page
completed the frontend logic for AI text editing functionality
added an input on  dashboard  >Business profile so that parent accounts can name the CRM connection
enlarged the modal for AI texts
added the position info for Industry campaigns
added the data about social profiles and AI texts to the test API for custom integrations
added validations for card attaching form in  dashboard

Week ending 5th August 2023

Sent summary custom fields to ghl
Fixed the error on Intro generator page
Fixed the create campaign bug for new account.
Fixed the bug on the Integrations page related with update and disconnect
Fixed the bug related with sending all results to ghl (company field validation error)
Checked people location fields and saved logic change.
added error messages when openai api key is missing
Changed summary request text, and added it from csv.
Added social accounts and analytics advanced filters"
throttled speed on send to CRM
Created ghl custom fields after setting ghl token
Checked send to crm job and fixed custom fields errors
Checked and fixed all live errors in log files

Preparation for next moduel
Google API preparation
added two more options for advanced filtering that enables users to search with Social Media accounts and Analytics
fixed the issue related with fixing the OpenAI generated summary text 
updated web crawler so it will do web content crawler instead of opening the pages in browser, to save in cpu usage,
checking for additional data info from Web crawler

July 29th 2023

worked on the functionality to create dashboard dynamic packages, generated the link
Created user from dashboard and leads with a generated link
Checked payment platform duplicate child accounts bug.
fixed the issue related with deletion after searching inside industry, people, single campaign results
made a post request for a link with 4 field types (first_name, last_name, email address, password) and created a user in dashboard
 + Leads (with a plan and a subscription of this link)
worked on getting the card of the user who created the package and created the functionality for attaching a new card
during the search of leads users calculated the balance of the parent user from the dashboard and extracted money for the used leads
automatically added the balance of the parent user from dashbiard if the balance is <100$
added a functionality to manually add the balance for dashboard parent user
worked on the functionality to display search history of leads users of the current month (the plan name and the search number)
created a functionality to cancel the subscription

worked on the functionality to create dynamic packages
fixed the issue related with deletion after searching inside Industry campaigns
changed the pages for dynamic packages according to the new requirements 
worked on the "Packages" tab where reseller can view all the created packages, create new ones by filling in the relevant fields
"worked on the “Subscriptions” tab where reseller can see the user name, email, the total leads and used leads, package name and
the started date, also can cancel subscription and view the history of the previous month
worked on the “Transaction History” tab where the history of the transactions is displayed "
worked on integration of payment system with the backend

July 22nd 2023

Industry first line resource bug fix
updated laravel and permissions
get and save Facebook pixel, google analytics and Google tag manager data from social crawling endpoint.
generated industry summary for openai.
Twitter api v2 integration done on SPM and social cometsuite
saved business settings logo from google cloud
adding other products for Whitelabel according to the documentation (in progress)

Added an AI prompt that provides a short description of what the company does
Added Facebook pixel, google analytics and Google tag manager icon if they are enabled for the website
Added an info text in the whitelabel
started building the pages for reseller to create packages and further sell them 
Added in crawl so it will generate analytics data,
removed extra logs so log file won't be too big

Week ending July 15th

Get whitelabel parent settings. (Leads backend)
Added business profile new fields, and created endpoint for leads (Whitelabel backend)
Removed social industry results from search
Fixed the bug related with sending additional results to crm system
Get wls business settings by parent wls id and email (leads)
Get profile business config by uuid and email (whitelabel)
fixed the issues related with laravel gates, checked user privileges

fixed the bug related with pushing the filtered results to CRM
added "business account" tab in whitelabel so that users can add their logo and select preferable colors that will be displayed for all the related accounts
checked and fixed the issue related with undefined business name when exporting the results
fixed the issue so that social accounts will be displayed when exporting via CSV
added a functionality so that users can hide/unhide business names, emails and phone numbers of the results 

Week Ending July 7th

added google search types for industry search - api
added clean_keyword field in search history table.
fixed bugs related with admin top searchers
added laravel gates to check resources owners for all endpoints.
checked if campaign business profile is set before sending ai first line generation request
fixed bugs related with incomplete ai intro generator texts
added the backend functionality so that users can add their own openai key
worked on the functionality to send the additional results to GHL, Webhooks and export via CSV

added google search types for industry searches, created a dropdown
fixed the bug related with the info text on the settings page
added a search for a "Search Type"
fixed and removed the spacings from the toast notifications
"changed the placement of social profiles
saved the ""search type"" in search history so that users can easly re-search with an already selected type
fixed the bug related with ""load more results"" in Industry campaigns"
added an info text for ""Search Type"" dropdown
completed the ticket of sending additional results to GHL, Webhooks and exporting via CSV
fixed the text for the intro generator
added fields and functionality so that users can add their own OpenAI API - frontend

Week ending July 1st 2023

Send the required endpoints for social media sites - lead enhancement
Fixed the bug of sending large amounts of results to crm
worked on a bug to not find people's emails if the company name is empty
Added industry social search.
checked the bug related with charging credits for the result without an email
changed ghl per minute rate limiting to per seconds limit
added functionality for profile pages for users, and campaigns, made changes for the first line generated from industries.
sorting admin top searchers. (in progress)
worked on the speed optimization of server
worked on saving the received data in the database
continued working on the database for the  additional server
fixed some bugs related with the retrieval of social media accounts
finalized the database
worked on general optimization of the additional server, so that social media accounts will be found more accurately
created a "business profile" section on the profile page as well as on the campaign>settings page, added required inputs, displayed the generated text near the business name with an icon

Week ending june 23rd 2023

Integrated Ai api for email first line generation
fixed various bugs
created an endpoint to create users with a specific plan_id (to provide for ghl webhooks )
created endpoints for data enrichment
changed admin additional request rules - now admin can set only one level limits
completed endpoints to send and get industry social scrapping

added nodejs server and added functionality to collect all links form the given domain
added functionality to collect links from the first page and rearrange them to be able to collect data from each page,
added functionality to collect phoneNumbers and emails from the links
added functionality to be able to open multiple pages and collect information in parallel
added performance measurenments, improved performance of the proccess and restructure data which should be send back

Week ending June 17th

changed register confirmation wrong code message
fixed the bug of the postal code when sending an email to the CRM
checked google key validation related bugs
get 20 responses for people campaigns for 1 search
set email verification for child users (that has only username)
Searched industry social profiles (future release)
checked the issue when multiple accounts were created when signing up
Working on ghl send rate limitation

fixed the CSV export related bug
made some changes related with google API key validation
added a link to the warning modal
added a tooltip with instructions on how to get google api on the setup page
fixed the issue related with sidebar scrolling

Week Ending June 3rd

Fixing the issue of getting different results from search criteria
started creating an SDK for products and packages
started creating an endpoint for getting the products from the marketplace
added backend functionality for a category field and search bar in the whitelabel to allow users categorize and search for products
developed the backend logic for the discover product page to enable users explore new products
fixed bugs related with advanced filtering
made some changes on ""login as"" functionality
removed search history box for demo campaigns
worked on whitelabel: created product page, product creation page, package page, and package creation page
removed all the video guides from the website
fixed the website responsivness for mobile devices on safari
added a category field and search bar in whitelabel
created discover products page 
created store for products, packages, discover product pages
fixed some responsive issues in leads

Week Ending May 27th

Bug fixes as required
Set email verified for users created by admins, and for the users that paid subscription
Checked license expiration date from license limits check before searching
Single results custom integration status (queued or send) bug fix
Added payment platform key for payment.
After email search check if emails exist or not, and save
fixed video guides
fixed ""login as"" functionality responsivness
Fixed bugs related with searching on the map
fixed the responsivness related issues,
checked ""queued to sent"" status for custom integrations
changed video guides
queued to sent status for custom integrations related bug
fixed selection related bug on ""New Search"" page
fixed the responsivness of all tables throughout the website
fixed the issue so that results on the search history will be updated immediately

Week Ending May 20th

Single search > 100 results bug fix.
Single search results in the next page bug fix.
resolve annual signup flow. 
Custom integration show history resource bug fix.
completed sign up functionality
Sourcing additional data
removed demo user subscriptions, created is_demo field for registered users
fixed bug related with loading more results
worked on the frontned part of the sign up functionality
fixed some minor bugs 
made some changes to the searching history of the campaigns
worked on adding a page for guide videos and embedded the links behind an “info” icon in the appropriate places so that when someone clicks they will see that video
worked on sign up functionality 
added social accounts and guide videos
added ""set as default"" status for plans
fix the redirection issue of guide videos
fixed several bugs related with ""load more"" button and responsivness

Week Ending May 13th 2023

Set 1 limit and job for industry and people CRM send.
Set log if log = invalid_domain in Email search
Filtered people with or without emails before csv exporting
Admin users full name search bug fix.
Checked the bug of sending results with phone number to CRM in people campaigns
Removed nulls from people csv exports.
Completed search history for campaigns backend logic
Added queued to sent status for custom integrations
Changed messages for default integration add and remove.
Changed forgot password email subject.
Keep user signed in, if the corresponding checkbox is selected
Upgraded laravel from 9 to 10
Added laravel limiter for ghl job (limiter for users) - in testing.

Fixed the bug related with checkboxes
Worked on the location pin drop of the map
Changed the campaign creation flow, added settings icon and integration connection status icon on the campaigns page
added search history page for campaigns
Completed without phone number and email results sending ticket
Changed in the frontend the campaign creation flow
Added queued to sent status for custom integrations
Completed keep me signed in functionality
Added reset button in admin additional details
Added zoom controls to the map and location pin drop
Worked on changes for campaigns history page and fixing the responsivness bugs related with new changes

On Dashboard added webhook in case of first sales of partner.

Week Ending May 6th

worked on limits for Hunter and GHL jobs.
worked on DB migration
CMT-307 added default field for user CRMs
fixed the bug related with Campaign tag and source creation
prevent results from sending to GHL without emails and phone number
worked on DB transfer
created a plan yearly/monthly reset field, is shareable field (created user search usage reset yearly and monthly logic)
checked people first and last name isset and length > 1 in hunter
fixed the bug when sending all Industry results to ghl 
CRM send status bug fix.
checked if result is not send to ghl, return result to queue.
resolved hunter 401 Unauthorized error.
checked anymailfinder job not find result error.
completed the backend logic so that in People campaigns results without email or phone number won't be send to crm. (if all is selected)
filter people before sending to CRM (if custom people are selected, not all)

added description and price fields when creating a plan
removed favicon
made some changes on the integration page, added an edit button and make default selection of the Integrations
added queued to send status
added checkboxes to the plan creation page
added a meesage to the modal when creating a demo campaign
fixed the sidebar related bug
fixed labels of on login page
worked on a ticket to prevent sending results to CRM without a phone number/email
working on adding zoom controls to the map
working on location pin drop on the map

Week Ending May 6th

worked on limits for Hunter and GHL jobs.
worked on DB migration
CMT-307 added default field for user CRMs
fixed the bug related with Campaign tag and source creation
prevent results from sending to GHL without emails and phone number
worked on DB transfer
created a plan yearly/monthly reset field, is shareable field (created user search usage reset yearly and monthly logic)
checked people first and last name isset and length > 1 in hunter
fixed the bug when sending all Industry results to ghl 
CRM send status bug fix.
checked if result is not send to ghl, return result to queue.
resolved hunter 401 Unauthorized error.
checked anymailfinder job not find result error.
completed the backend logic so that in People campaigns results without email or phone number won't be send to crm. (if all is selected)
filter people before sending to CRM (if custom people are selected, not all)

added description and price fields when creating a plan
removed favicon
made some changes on the integration page, added an edit button and make default selection of the Integrations
added queued to send status
added checkboxes to the plan creation page
added a meesage to the modal when creating a demo campaign
fixed the sidebar related bug
fixed labels of on login page
worked on a ticket to prevent sending results to CRM without a phone number/email
working on adding zoom controls to the map
working on location pin drop on the map

Week Ending April 30th

1. CMT-289 set custom create contact email address as verified
2. CMT-297 added red dot backend functionality
1. CMT-296 generated demo searches real results for given search data
1. fixed the bug on demo campaigns, when the results aren't displayed for one of the searches
2. fixed the map on demo campaigns 
created 4 endpoints for the events that make a request from whitelabel to leads, for getting/deleting/updating/creating users 

fixed the bug related with checkboxes
Changed labels on the Integration page
fixed responsiveness issue
made the required changes for demo campaigns
added a homepage icon
added red dots for results
fixed a bug related with advanced filtering, when editing a search criteria
fixed the bug on the Integration page related with ""View request history"""
made changes on the Integration page related with request history
made minor changes throughout the website such us button placement, some alignments, etc.
created a page to display transaction fees on whitelabel
CMT-304 fixed font issues on the website

Week ending 22nd April

New Version of Leads
generated demo results for demo search
fixed a bug for single results save
Add campaign name to custom integrations responses logs.
set filters for custom integration send/unsend
fixed the bug related with manual addition of contact person
Created Migration command from old DB to new done.
single limited results bug fix.
working on logic to find even more emails for people search
changed single send logic for CRM and Custom integrations
fixed the bug related with checkboxes on campaign pages
made some changes related with ""change your email""
fixed the bug on advanced filters
fixed login validation
made general responsivness fixes
displayed verification for emails and data source
fixed the steps for creating a new user
fixed the bug relted with advanced filtering
displayed verified emails of the results
fixed the additional request when creating a user
changed the text and error messages on the login page

added multi currency

Week ending 15th April

optimized subscription backend codes.
worked on Whitelabel Add login as user functionality
fixed send to crm bug
worked on Demo campaigns (create and demo filters are done), working on get and show the demo results
completed searching for Demo campaigns
finished custom integration statuses history page functionality
blocked parent selection for users edit page if user is admin.
logout users after changing the password and logout users from old devices when user logs in with a new device.

fixed the bug related with advanced filtering
worked on whitelabel, added login as functionality
worked on demo campaigns, fixed some UI related bugs
created history page for API requests
worked on whitelabel sending currency when creating a package functionality 
finished whitelabel sending currency when creating a package functionality
added scroll for advanced filters
fixed sidebar related bug

Week Ending April 8th

completed user avatar removing functionality.
changed Notification on Settings>Integration page (for more than 1 selected CRM)"
subscription id field, and user create/update new functionality with subscriptions and additional requests count
manually add and deletetion of contact.
whitelabel login as user functionality
fixed bug related with single search duplicates and limits
finished the functionality so that email verification code will be sent to the new email instead of the old one
checked the bug related with advanced filtering
changed the response text message for sample data
got the sample data from the backend
working on the changes for advanced filters
added badges for advanced filters
added fields for subscription id and a modal for subscription reset day
made changes for ""new search"" for industry campaigns
made some changes to display that the contact person is manually added
fixed searching bug on admin pages
made some responsive fixes
fixed the general layout of the tables
made some changes on the modal for resetting the subscription

Update for Week ending 1st April

  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate search results count in the admin section.
  • Removed the requirement for a username on the profile account edit page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused additional details update issues for admin users.
  • Fixed a bug related to limited search results and maximum limits for all campaign types, while also taking into account additional requests.
  • Added a functionality for adding different API keys.
  • Worked on a bug that prevented the street address from being sent to GHL.
  • Improved GHL integrations by changing the integration logic and GHL send jobs logic.
  • Fixed a bug that caused repeating phone numbers in the industry CRM when the industry and contact's phone numbers were identical.
  • Fixed limits for industry and completed the functionality to manually add contact person(s).
  • Completed the functionality for custom integrations sample data test request.
  • Added street address in GHL send results (V1 backend functionality).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the username from being saved when creating a new user or updating.
  • Worked on the functionality to enable users to remove avatars.
  • Created a table for contact person(s) dropdown.
  • Worked on the functionality to prevent filtering when all fields are empty in advanced filters.
  • Fixed responsiveness issues for the general website.
  • Worked on the frontend functionality for adding different CRM integrations.
  • Made changes for new search on campaign pages.
  • Worked on the functionality to display sample data of profile custom integrations.
  • Worked on the frontend functionality to manually add a contact person.
  • Added sidebar navigation.

Update for week ending 25th March 2023

added additional requests count in left license sidebar. (V2 backend)
fixed the bug when person phone number, Contact person’s first name/last name is empty, is not empty filters weren't working
fixed the bug in people campaigns when selecting all. (V2 backend)"
worked on default CRM connection on Settings>Integration page functionality, added new functionality, imploded campaign to crms
worked on fixing the bug related with send to CRM for large amount results
worked on the bug so that if the contact's phone number matches the company's phone number no need to send it along with contact
created whitelabel api for exporting data, and to giving data in sorted order.
started to work on manual entry of contact persons in results.

fixed the bug on Tag and Source page when user can't save changes after deleting tag or source
fixed the style and responsivnes of the homepage
made CRM connection on Settings>Integration page enabled by default
fixed the bug so that when deleting username the changes can be saved
fixed the responsiveness for the general layout
worked on the functionality to connect crm for each campaign
fixed the bug when login wasn't working in iframe
Shortened all long texts with tooltip
fixed filters on admin pages
fixed the responsiveness for login pages
worked on functionality for adding different CRM integrations

Whitelabel License dashboard
made the package table on the admin page sortable - frontend
added export CSV functionality on the admin page  - frontend

Week ending 19th March

Trigger events and add listener after clicking send to crm button to send all the results to custom integration endpoints added to this campaign. (V2 backend)
worked on the bug related with ""related user"" update error. (V2 backend)
fixed the bug on profile page when changing a password. (V2 backend)
fixed the bug so that when sending email to CRM, phone number will also be included. (V2 backend)
fixed the bug so that users can enable integration on campaign settings page.
fixed the bug related with Industry export all csv
fixed all the bugs when updating a Profile.
fixed the bug so limit won't be changed for single duplicate searches.
fixed the bug related with crm when emails, names and phone numbers aren't sent.
added a logic for Total/Emails found / Emails not found filters on people campaign results page
made some research to check if all google results are saved in db to get accurate street address and number
fixed the bug when person phone number, Contact person’s first name/last name is empty, is not empty filters weren't working

fixed package get link fields validation in whitelabel
made some changes for advanced filtering to allow more than one choice for per filter and fixing the bugs related with filtering
fixed a bug so that now when deleting a campaign it will immediately disappear from campaign list
worked on custom integration so user can select which integration to connect to the campaign
fixed the bug related with the missing email when doing a new search in single campaigns
completed the advanced filtering functionality to allow more than one choice for per filter and fixing the bugs related with filtering
fixed the bug related with filtering with first/last name
fixed the campaign editing bug so that when editing a campaign name it will be updateed everywhere 
fixed the checkbox issue when selecting all emails checkboxes
fixed tags and source so that now they are displayed when saving
fixed the bug related with ""email is not filter"" in advanced filtering
made the "New search" page with provided three types of searches as it is in the old version

Week Ending 12th March

Save user Login info (browser, ip address, login date time) in database (V1 backend)
Checked the last day of the month and zeroed all users requests count if its license day is more than the last day of this month. (V1 backend)"
Send all industries with emails count mysql bug fixed. (V2 backend)
Save user Login info (browser, ip address, login date time) in database (V2 backend)"
Integration on Settings page functional is in progress  (V2 backend)
Integrations create / show / update / delete endpoints are done. (V2 backend)"
Added integration endpoint for Campaigns. (V2 backend)
Create results sending functional to the selected custom integrations of campaigns (V2 backend)
Create a Job for sending results to the selected custom integrations of campaigns (V2 backend) - In progress

worked on the checkbox selection on campaign pages, taking into account all the possible cases to make sure selection works as expected
completed the checkbox selection functionality on campaign pages
started doing the markup for the the custom integration
completed the testing functionality for webhook url testing (whitelabel)
worked on the custom integrations on the profile page, built the page and connected the functionality with the backend 
worked on the functionality of the integration on the settings page, made all the relevant changes so that user can select which integration to connect for per campaign
made some UI changes on Whitelabel

Week Ending 26th Feb

Get user campaigns by pagination and filtered by type. (V2 backend)
Change search results messages, if isset all or part duplicate results. (V2 backend)
Admin users create and edit, parent user not showing/update bug fixed. (V2 backend)
Check license limits before searching. (V2 backend)"
Admin searchers page backend logic done (change search history logic, add history_id in industry and peoples table) (V2 backend)
Add tooltip in Send To CRM button (V1 frontend)"
Add with emails count in admin dashboard Searches tab
Add Expired users count in admin dashboard Users tab.
Add name search in campaigns page.
Single search don't save phone number bug fixed.
Order Industry results with crm send time
Create Command for export user results with csv file. (old version backend)
Custom filters for all campaign types done.
Check if new source job is failed and set not pending status for this result.

integrated restore deleted users with api
fix tags and source validation
selected count on campaign page
hold selected results in different pages
campaigns update in case of profile change
added sent status
scroll-issue fixed
integrated admin searchers page with api
fix tags and source validation
dashboard searches field
New filtering for campaign pages
fix login-as-button logic
New filtering for campaign pages

whitelabel license dashboard
added welcome video modal
added one time price field packages page

Week Ending 19th Feb

Admin dashboard users counts. (new version backend)
Admin dashboard Searches done. (new version backend)
Admin dashboard Top searchers done. (new version backend)
Single emails source pages show (front and back logic) (old site version)
Add name search in admin plans page (new version backend)
People search get company data bug fix. (new version backend)
Admin users create / update functional done (new version backend)
Check admin role bugs fix (new version backend)
Campaigns Tags and source update and show in campaigns settings (new version backend)
Full test and check bugs in old version industry checkboxes (front / back)
Add people and single results verification status and source icons. (old version - frontend / backend logic)
Add checkout_id field in plans table, and logic for this crate and update in admin dashboard (new version backend)
Change user create/update/delete api endpoint logic for wls requests (old version backend)
New endpoint for check user has performed search or not - to allow refund from dashboard

admin plans CRUD done
admin dashboard api integration
admin users CRUD done
campaign tag and source api integration done
added checkout id field in admin plans create form
redesign admin create user form

whitelabel License Dashboard
integrated subscription cancel
integrated subscription refund
added redirect url from backend,

Week Ending Feb 5th

Change crm send code, remove models with job services.
Add pagination and search in leads backend related users get api endpoint
Change admin Plans resource, and check bug for admin middleware. (new version)
Bulk and single delete functional of all types results and emails. (new version)
Fix single results get by filter bug (new version)
Add ghl_job field in emails table and fix send ghl job bug. (old version backend)
Testing crm send status (old version backend)
Check industry search response bug (old version backend)
Add pending field for jobs (new version backend job logics change)
Send crm all emails count bug fix. (new version backend)
Single results count bug fix. (new version backend)
Single search error fixed. (new version backend)

whitelabel license dashboard
added cancel button stripe subscription table
fixed regenerate plans link
fixed GHL integration logic

leads (frontend)
campaign results single delete
campaign results all delete
admin plans page markup
working on login, forgot password, reset-password 

GHL api integration
csv export 
unauthorized bug fix

Week Ending Jan 29th

Single send bug fixes
Single results pagination bug fix - leads back
Empty company sql bug fix
Select one result bug fix

Send to crm - Industry - email, People, Single with queues.
Export csv  api
Check access on functions with gate function.
Show industry, people, single results endpoint for frontend
Related accounts - show, update api

Whitelabel Dashboard
added my subscription page
Integrate my subscription page api
Remove subscription cancel/resume button
Added price field admin create plan form

Leads 2.0
Layout redesign
Added admin users, searchers page
Redesign campaign search content
Integrate api
Send crm api integration
Redesign profile settings page
Integrate profile settings api
Added notification alert
Redesign campaign filters section

Week Ending Jan 22nd

Added username/email checker to be unique, when adding user via dashboard api on leads.
Added license data on users endpoint to get from leads and show on dashboard
Changed logic of sending crm and deleteing leads to not query database big amount of data at once, but instead 300 by 300 in chunk.
Added logic of email not found limits giving back to user, 
Added logic when system not found via hunter retry via new source.
Made new source webhook url, so when new source will find email with our query, will send it to our endpoint.

leads V2
login logout api integration on v2
redesign layout

whitelabel license dashboard
forgot password api integration

added user subscription page
user(partner) subscription integration with paykickstart api
customer subscription view by loading paykickstart iframe
Worked on change requests of dashboard.

Week Ending Jan 16th

(Leads front) Remove campaigns status button in left panel
(Leads front) Set user logged in time 30 day.
(Leads new version) Change db, export industry and people results, and change this functional.
(Leads backend) Admin users page, search users by parent email
(Leads backend) Set user GHL token null, if response code = 401
 (Leads backend) Get related users by email for api call
(Leads backend) Set results and emails to_be_send_ghl=0 if this user ghl token is null
(Leads new version) Add User login api functional
(Leads backend) Update Related user by email
(Leads new version) Add User license date functional

Removed suit plans pages and related features.
Added leads packages page, 
Create new package using packages list from leads,
Connected to leads api to get list of users and show them in dashboard,
Connected to leads api to update user data from dashboard.
Go Highlevel Integration has been done, 
Send customer details to GHL api in case of new purchase.